What distinguishes us

Why MyAgent ? 

We’re constantly developing innovative methodologies in order to ensure the success of marketing and promotional campaigns that enable us to reach different customer tendencies

We have the experience to develop plans for managing emergent media campaigns

We have a dedicated team for rapid intervention in case of crises to provide the best possible solutions with transparency

We adopt the latest analytical tools for managing your organization reputation with efficiency and high quality to ensure its strong presence in the market


  • In order to reach the widest possible audience, we are formulating key messages and applying innovative methodologies in public relations to enhance brand reputation and product identification extensively

  • We conduct surveys, polls and research in order to reach a comprehensive understanding of the reality of regional and international markets and the nature of the target population

  • We are dealing with regional and international media to pick up news of interest to editors and journalists and to ensure media coverage of customer news

  • We offer a complete line of innovative methodologies and institutional communication services to meet customer expectations in order to build leading and strong brands

  • In order to enhance our customer reputation in entrepreneurship, we adopt personal brand building strategies where we promote their professional potentials and their personal abilities on social networks and interactive platforms

  • We have a dedicated team of distinctive competencies that are able to gain confidence in addition to create content and influencers

  • We rely on marketing communications strategies related to social media networks and we also determine them to meet customer expectations

  • We have enough experience to develop strategies and plans to manage emergency campaigns, based on detailed analyses of the nature of the crisis and its consequences

  • We develop integrated marketing plans, strategies and methodologies and innovative initiatives and activities, such as promotions and point of sale posters, trade fairs etc

  • We prepare comprehensive media reports and specialized news reports about clients’ presence in the media to monitor their tendencies for building a strong media presence and expanding their presence within target markets

  • We rely on the best strategies for optimal promotion of brands as we try to consolidate brand presence within the target markets and consumers

  • Our team relies on the latest analytical tools to assess emerging challenges and risks affecting the institutional reputation for customers to face them efficiently to maintain good reputation and strong presence within target markets


Working with you to create innovative ideas that are leading in their field and able to

challenge their competitors in all events and cultures

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